The Marketplace is open!

Ever since the launch, a lot of you were asking us about the P2P-Marketplace for avatars. And today, we are happy to announce that the Marketplace is finally live!

The Marketplace is part of the Store screen. You will find the Store on the navigation panel in the lower section of the screen. Next, tap/click on the Marketplace tab in the top right corner.

For the time being, it will only be open for selling avatars. Once we’re sure that it works perfectly, we will enable trading names.

How it works

Sales on the Marketplace are designed as reverse auctions. Meaning, the sale starts from a specific limited price that will decrease over time.

The avatars will remain on sale until they’re bought or pulled back by the original owners. While on sale, avatars can still clash.

How do I sell my avatar?

Go to the Dojo and find the avatar you want to auction off. Tap on it and find the ‘Sell’ button in the top left corner.

  • Pick the duration. This will not limit your avatar’s placement on the whole. It only sets a timeframe for the decline of its price.
  • Set the highest & the lowest price. There is a dynamic cap for the minimum figure you want to go for.
  • You’re all set! Keep in mind that there is a 5% price fee for using the Marketplace.

How do I buy someone else’s avatar?

Pick your favorite and tap on ‘Buy’… Or not. You don’t have to grab it as soon as you see it. It may be worth it to wait a little bit until the price goes down, but remember — there may be other players watching it closely and one of them might just be faster!

About Chain Clash:
Chain Clash is a new, blockchain-based collectible and fighting game. It basically lets you take the arguments you have on Crypto Twitter into a game by representing blockchains and crypto projects through so-called avatars, some of which are humans. Think Pokemon x Crypto Kitties x Celebrity Deathmatch for Crypto Twitter. Sounds easy? Check out more details on our website or join our Discord.



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