Hi Wombat Family! One of our favorite blockchain games, Splinterlands, has undergone some tremendous changes that will turn the entire game around! It will definitely do you good not to sleep on those, which is why we’re taking a closer look at Splintershards (SPS) — the most recent mechanic that aims to give players more agency and grant them even more earnings.

If you haven’t played Splinterlands yet, we recommend reading our guide.

What is SPS?

There are two ways you can approach SPS. On the one hand, SPS, a.k.a. Splintershards, are crypto tokens that all Splinterland players can earn on top of…

Hey Womplayers! In collaboration with Upland, one of the hottest blockchain games out there, we recently dropped a new earnable NFT collection! Coming to Womplay, the Upland block explorers will help you score high in Challenges and Missions and of course secure your completion bonus! Let’s take a closer look at them.

What are Upland NFTs?

Upland NFTs are rewards issued for your accomplishments in Upland. They draw from the game’s unique style and content and, together with Hero Zero and Tasty Tale NFTs, help you advance on the platform.

Similar to other Womplay NFTs, the Upland ones are divided into 5 rarities:

  • Common

As we try to add more fun features on Womplay and give your NFTs more utility, we got our creative juices flowing — and we’re recruiting you for your first Mission!

What are Missions?

Missions work similarly to Challenges — but they are far less restrictive. Also, if you get high enough on the leaderboard, you will get both crypto and Wombucks!

In essence, Missions are all about assembling an NFT team that is the best suited to reach the Mission’s objective. Potentially, you could have a mix of Hero Zero, Upland, Tasty Tale and other NFTs to come to secure victory.


On September, 1st, 2021, Womplay will celebrate its first birthday! It has been a crazy ride, and we want to share this joyous occasion with all of you! In fact, even though Womplay is a birthday platform, you will be the ones to get presents and surprises!

When does it start?

We start on September, 1st, and conclude on September, 7th. That’s right — this will be a week-long celebration with a new surprise every day!

You will definitely not miss the party’s start — during the week of festivities, Womplay will go through a slight makeover with a vibrant display of gift boxes…

Hey Wombat Family! In our continuous efforts to make your experience with blockchain as smooth as possible, we don’t only build solutions. Occasionally, we share the value we found in other projects. One of such projects is Unstoppable Domains.

In this guide, we will cover why and how Unstoppable Domains and Wombat can make your life easier and prepare you for establishing your presence in the decentralized world of Web3.

What is ‘Unstoppable Domains’?

Unstoppable Domains a.k.a. UD is a multipurpose blockchain domain solution. You get your own unique domain name that you can use both as a username for Web3 apps and games…

We at Wombat are all about gaming — but even we have to admit that the world of NFT collectibles cannot be ignored. Growing at a rapid speed, this blossoming space is rich with formats, narratives and mindblowing styles hunted by collectors. But it’s not some sort of an exclusive club — and you can freely try your hand at both. In this guide, we give you an overview of Ethereum-powered NFT projects available to you via Wombat.


With the new Ethereum release, we didn’t want to leave you hanging and listed some of the top dApps of different categories right off the bat. In this post, we’re going over the gaming part of this exciting new addition to help you find a new favorite title!

What you need to start

For most of the games, a Wombat Wallet is all you need. Right now, those games do not include a dedicated Wombat login, so when asked to connect a wallet, choose ‘Metamask’ as the option. Don’t worry, Wombat will still work!

Some games like Sorare include their own wallets with limited functionality…

The second year has been an exciting time for Wombat. We saw DeFi bloom on EOS and Telos and even simplified it with the help of Defibox and pTokens. And while many things changed, our core goal remains the same — to continuously polish the user experience for those discovering and handling crypto. Today, we’re taking another major step in this direction by expanding our signature UX approach onto Ethereum.

How does Ethereum work in Wombat?

Starting with the browser extension and the apps to follow soon, Wombat offers the same basic functionality on Ethereum as on EOS and Telos. Meaning, you will be able to…

The narratives of colossal losses or unexpected jackpots are a huge part of the crypto world’s personal dimension. Those extremities gain attention quickly, casting out those who use crypto for their everyday needs to slowly but surely pave the way for the life they’ve always dreamed of.

Ocranerl (the pseudonym used at the request of the interviewee) is one of those people. A law student with a knack for legaltech, he turns his passion for gaming into a means of excelling in his education. This is his story.

This story was published with the interviewee's consent. …

Everyone saying NFTs are dead should have seen Atomic Hub explode after the launch of the Hero Zero NFT series on Womplay! Inspired by this craze, we went ahead and release the second game-themed series — it’s Tasty Tale!

As this is a very special series, we’ll take a closer look at its specs and attributes! Read on to see how to compare Tasty Tale NFTs besides rarity and how this might aid you in future challenges.

First things first…

The arrival of Tasty Tale NFTs doesn’t mean that the Hero Zero ones are out. You can earn both Hero Zero and Tasty…

Olga Ivanova

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